Nichigo Network



The Nichigo Network is a non-profit organisation created to retain and expand the people-to-people links between Australia and Japan. Our mission is to build a social network of one million friends of Australia and Japan who will serve as the voice for the Japan-Australia relationship.

Our founding members are Melanie Brock (Representative Director), Cristina Merino, Shoma Kubo and Eve Bentley; a group of Australians and Japanese committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, social and environmental responsibility, and the engagement and empowerment of youth.

Our values reflect the thinking of our founders, support our mission and are the framework around which we run our organisation.

Open.  We welcome all who want to be involved.

Together.  We are stronger when we collaborate and partner.

Independent.  We are not associated with a political party or agenda. 

Koaladachi is our inaugural Nichigo Network Project. You can read more about Koaladachi on our dedicated page, sign up as a member here and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates. 

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