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Koaladachi is the first project of Nichigo Network, a group of Australians and Japanese committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, social and environmental responsibility and the engagement and empowerment of youth. 


Our Mission

To create a community of socially responsible Japanese and Australians who are passionate and committed to supporting long term sustainable practices.   





About Us

In 2019, news of extreme weather conditions and natural disasters grabbed headlines across the world. Here in Japan, natural disasters caused widespread destruction, including the cancellation of three Rugby World Cup 2019 matches. For Australia, 2019 was the nation’s hottest and driest year on record resulting in one of the most severe bushfire seasons on record. We are a group of Australian and Japanese citizens and consumers who care deeply about the future of our planet and came together during the bushfire crisis in Australia as we felt compelled to act.

Koaladachi pursues change by raising awareness and promoting understanding of the impact that climate change has on communities, ecosystems and wildlife in Australia and Japan. Our commitment is to support events that seek to provide assistance to those in need. Our aim is to be a resource in Japan disseminating information through social media.

We welcome input, engagement and the creation of a like-minded community. We are an independent body of committed Australians and Japanese in Japan; however, we look forward to working with the Australian Embassy, ANZCCJ, Advance and other relevant ministries and agencies. 

We look to create a community of individuals to support better understanding and acknowledge that our mission will shift from time to time as events unfold. We look forward to developing this network.





悲惨な水害や森林火災を目にし、地球の将来を真剣に考える日本とオーストラリアの市民による、「コアラダチ(Koaladachi: Koala+Tomodachi)」プロジェクトを立ち上げることにしました。






Our Values


Open. We welcome all who want to be involved.

Together. We are stronger when we collaborate and partner.

Independent. We are not associated with a political party or agenda.



2020 Development Plan


To help us achieve our vision, we will plan for the growth and development of our organisation in the coming year. This is our 2020 Development Plan.

Our 2020 Development Plan is made up of seven work streams, listed as follows in no particular order of priority:

1.      Establish a Steering Committee

2.      Japan based voluntary non-profit organisation establishment

3.      Draft 2020 event plan to raise funds and awareness

4.      Identify worthy partnerships and alliances

5.      Set up communication channels (website, social media)

6.      Create and implement 2020 communications plan

7.      Review outcomes of initiatives and draft plan for 2021




1.      運営主体となる事務局の設置

2.      日本においてNPO(非営利組織)として登録

3.      2020年内に各種イベントを通じたファンドレイズや問題意識の発信を企画

4.      知見を有し、実績のある他団体との協力を模索

5.      HPやSNS等の主たるコミュニケーション手段を確立

6.      2020年中の行動計画を策定、順次、実施

7.      成果報告:活動の成果を確認し、2021年に向けて改善点等を精査


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