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Koaladachi Newsletter Update

As many of you know, we launched Koaladachi in March 2020.

Koaladachi is a Nichigo Network project. The Nichigo Network was created with the goal of retaining and expanding the people-to-people links between Australia and Japan. Our mission is to build a social network of one million friends of Australia and Japan who will serve as the voice for the bilateral relationship.

At Koaladachi we use social media as a platform to raise awareness about the impact that significant changes in weather patterns have on communities and wildlife in Australia and Japan, and to promote individuals and companies doing great things for our planet.

While we remain committed to our mission, we recognise the stress and impact the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having. Communities are looking carefully at how they can support the more vulnerable members among us.  There are some amazing stories of great solidarity and support shown during these difficult times.   We are going to share these acts of kindness and positive news stories and ideas on @Koaladachi (Twitter and Instagram).

If you know of anyone, Australian or Japanese, who would be interested in joining Nichigo Network and sharing their stories, we would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Koaladachi community! Let this be a stimulus for good – in both Australia and Japan.

Stay safe and stay home!

Melanie, Cristina, Eve, Shoma

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