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#SSL19 - Seeking Sustainability Live in Conversation with JJ Walsh

A pleasure to be featured as #19 on Joyce Jarman Walsh’s seeking sustainability live series, a series of livestream interviews with good people doing great things! It was a wonderful opportunity to chat about my experiences in Japan and highlight the work so many amazing people are doing here - especially women. Joyce’s series is a great watch and supported by excellent research, so pleased to have been a feature.

In this video we had a broad and diverse discussion including my current projects with SEGA Sammy where I hold a non-executive director role, Koaladachi and Nichigo Network supporting Australia after the bush fires and building an online community, promoting the work of women in Japan via my Celebrating Women of Japan project, highlighting gender equity issues and lack of representation in Japan and Australia, talking about CSR projects and sustainable business models, promotion of reconstruction in Tohoku and appreciation of dialects and deeper connections in rural Japan!

We also talked about some of the great ideas in community support in Japan I have highlighted on this very website during the COVID19 crisis which inspires us all! #stimulusforgood

To catch up and watch our livestream, it's still available on JJW's channel here.

Don't forget to follow her on twitter too, @jjwalsh


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