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Alumni Voices

Had the pleasure to be interviewed by Josh from UWA, and share my Japan insights on smashing the glass ceiling!

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NPOs in Japan

​We've compiled a list of NPOs that provide support across Japan - primarily for single mothers & children. 

ACCJ Webinar

​It was a pleasure to join the ACCJ for a panel discussion on the role of non-executive directors.

Advance Global Town Hall

​As an Advance Global Ambassador, it was fascinating to watch Advance's most recent digital town hall in partnership with the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.

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#BusinessBubble with ABC News

​Appreciated the opportunity to chat to Jake Sturmer and Linda Mottram from ABC about my #businessbubble travel idea.

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#SSL19 with JJ Walsh

​A pleasure to be featured as #19 on Joyce Jarman Walsh’s seeking sustainability live series, a series of livestream interviews with good people doing great things!


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